Friday, February 24, 2017

Batman Movie Days at Legoland

Last weekend and this weekend is Batman Movie Days at Legoland! There are lots of fun Batman themed activities to do around the park. We went last weekend and had so much fun, we thought the rain would be bad and it wasn't but the park felt almost empty (no waiting in lines!). Legoland also hands out a handy list of rides that remain open in light rain.

Head to Legoland Batman Movies Days and You Can:

Help Build a Batman Mosaic:

With this build you receive a color coded plate - you put the Lego bricks on the corresponding colors and bring it up to the front and they add it to the mosaic - so neat!!

Help Build a life-size Batman or Robin

This was fun and you can make as many bricks as you want - we made about 15 but the family next to us made at least 50! When we left he wasn't done yet, but it was really cool to see how they build their life size figures!

Build and Test your own Batmobile

My kids, and my husband love to build and race at the build and test and this time they had more black bricks plus bat wings you could add to your very own Batmobiles!!

Search for Batman Villains in Miniland

You can pick up clues at the front of the park. Find each villain and write down their letter to reveal a word. At the end of the day you can drop off your answer to win a BAT-tastic Lego prize!!

We hope you make it out for Lego Batman days this weekend we had so much fun with our kids!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DIY Bathroom Organization and Makeover Ideas

Tired of the way your bathroom looks? Whether you're in need of some great ways to organize your bathroom or you want to give your bathroom a completely different look these DIY bathroom ideas are awesome!

I can't believe the difference a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets made in this bathroom from Occasionally Crafty to see how she did it, as well as photos of how she redid the rest of the bathroom click one the photo below.

 Bathroom Makeover from Occasionally Crafty
Bathroom Makeover from Occasionally Crafty

How have you been keeping your pharmaceutical type items organized. This idea from Simply Stacie is so easy and genius I can't believe I don't already have it in my bathroom!!!

Bathroom Pharmacy from Simply Stacie

Oh boy! This bathroom was so pink and outdated their renovations included new tile work to surround the shower and completely eliminating the pink turning the bathroom into a beautiful guest bathroom.

Pink Bathroom Renovation from Simply Stacie

If your bathroom is looking great except for your ugly floors see how you can update the flooring yourself!

DIY Bathroom Flooring by Tots Family

Raise your hand if you are in the habit of tossing items into your bathroom cupboard with no real organization. And if you want to get a handle on your bathroom check this bathroom cupboard organization idea.

Bathroom Cupboard Organization from Organized Island

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Woodland ONE-derland 1st Birthday Party

I was so excited to help set up and take photos for this fun Woodland One-derland birthday party! And here are some ideas so you can throw your own!


Fun food was a must!

A sweet fox smash cake for the birthday boy! Everything but the ears are edible (ears are frosted pieces of cardboard).

There were a variety of cupcakes available to guests, the chocolate posted above as well as lemon and banana.

This delicious hedgehog was made from a cheeseball and almonds with olives for his nose and eyes. 

These ladybugs were made using Rtiz crackers, cream cheese, tomato, and olive - they were a huge hit with the adults!

This raccoon was made with mushrooms, olives, cauliflower, pretzels, and ranch dip.

Also available to eat were wings, and mixed fruits - if your park has a BBQ you could easily have a hot dog and hamburger cookout or order some pizza!


Decor for this fun themed party included fun animal balloons, orange and blue tablecloths with succulents. 

A chalkboard sign to welcome guests. This sign also made a great sign to use in photos to mark the occasion.

A fun homemade banner and colorful balloons marked the area.

These were my favorite balloons!

Succulents in mason jars with burlap add to the wilderness feel.

Gift bags for guest had trail mix to "fuel their adventures."

The letters "O", "N", and "E" were great to have for photos!

This Woodland ONE-derland birthday party was so cute and clever and such a big hit with the friends and family that were able to join us in celebrating!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

DIY Halloween Treat Bag from a Shirt

Halloween is right around the corner and my oldest still needed a bag for his treats. We made this easy DIY Halloween Treat Bag using a shirt we bought on clearance for .25 cents last year.

This craft is easy enough for a child to do if they can use scissors and tie knots they can make their own Halloween Bags!


1. Pick your shirt, measure and draw a line about 2 inches from the bottom of the shirt. We turned our shirt inside out so the line wouldn't be visible.

2. Take scissors and cut strips. Be careful not to cut off the strips as you cut.

3. With your shirt inside out tie knots using the strips of fabric you cut on the shirt.

4. Draw lines and cut around the neck line as well as both sleeves

5. Turn your shirt right side out and you've got a quick easy bag.




Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 Reasons to Brick Or Treat at Legoland

Brick or Treat is trick or treating after hours at Legoland. It is so much fun, we've now gone twice (once in 2014 and again in 2016). My Oldest son was almost 2 the first time we went and this time we went with my oldest (3) my middle (2) and my youngest (1 month). We spend the whole day at Legoland and when it was time for the park to close to regular guests we changed our kids into their Halloween costumes - we had two Pikachus and a Pokeball. They went to all the different trick or treating stations and did some trivia to get pop badges. We didn't have time to see the Halloween Party in the Aquarium but the first time we went  in 2014 we did go to Aquarium and my son LOVED the dance party!

5 Reasons you should head to Legoland Brick or Treat

1. They have a variety of "treats" including Honest juice, healthy snack bars, Lego bricks, Shutterfly cards, and some candy. My boys LOVED the snack bars!

2. It's a safe area to Trick or Treat

3. You can enter the costume contest, or just watch and see some AMAZING costumes during the contest!

4. The trivia for special Halloween Pop Badges.

5. A lot of the rides are still open so you can hop on rides with little to no wait time!

Lego Safari Trek - Brick or Treat 2012

Have you ever been to Legoland for Brick or Treat? What was your favorite part?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hot Dog Bun Sub Sandwich - School Lunch Idea

Can't believe it's already time for so many kids to be heading back to school! This delicious Hot Dog Bun "Sub" Sandwich creates a yummy school lunch while also providing a way to eat leftover buns because (for reasons unbeknownst to me) the makers of hot dogs and the makers of hot dog buns cannot seem to make the same amount of food. We bought an 8 pack of hot dogs with a 10 pack of buns and as a bonus my one year old is currently not interested in eating buns which means we had three extra buns after dinner.

This sandwich is the perfect solution to the too many buns problem, it may even have you buying extra buns just so your child can take a sub sandwich to school! I'd even pack this for my husband with some extra insides.

To make this particular sandwich we used:
One slice of cheddar cheese, 4 lettuce leaves, 3 small slices of smoked turkey, the bun, and mayo and mustard.