Friday, February 12, 2016

5 Benefits of the Keeper's Club Membership at the San Diego Zoo

My husband and I have been faithful members of the San Diego Zoo for quite a few years; as local San Diegans it is one of our favorite attractions. For a very long time we were dual member holders where we each had our own card to get into the zoo, but we recently made the decision to upgrade to the Keeper's Club Membership and I am so glad that we did!

My 5 Favorite Benefits of the Keeper's Club Membership:

1. Our membership card is only in my name and I am able to get a 2nd person in with me, free. This means on the weekends we can go as a family and on the weekdays I can take my sister or a friend with us to the zoo!

2. Every second Saturday the Zoo holds early admission where members at the Keeper level or higher can enter the park an hour early. The Safari Park offers admission an hour before the park opens as well as a tram tour four times a year.

3. Keepers Club Members get two one day admission tickets to the zoo, so when we have family in town we can take them along with us FREE!

4. Keeper's Club Members get 10% off of merchandise and food at the Zoo and Safari Park.

5. Keeper's Club Members are now able to ride the bus tour and the kangaroo bus at the Zoo for free! This might actually be my favorite perk because it's a lot of fun, we like to take the bus around lunch time we can sit and look at the animals while we eat. Member's also ride the African Safari Tram at the Safari Park and the Skyfari at the Zoo free!

I am also looking forward to a benefit that is coming soon to members, a special entrance at the Zoo that allows members to bypass the longer lines when entering the Zoo.

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What's your favorite thing to do at the San Diego Zoo?


  1. I went to the SDZ many, many years ago and I LOVED it. I live in MA so I don't have access to it, but wish I did because I LOVE animals. Sounds like a great membership

    1. I think the San Diego Zoo is definitely one of the best zoos but I have to admit I have never been to a different zoo, yet.

  2. Would love to visit this zoo someday. First I need to get myself out to California! :) Great post!

    1. Their prices are definitely reasonable, so if you do make it out to sunny San Diego you should definitely take a day to visit the San Diego Zoo!

  3. This seems like a great deal! So many perks to a membership.

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