Friday, March 11, 2016

Peep Gender Reveal

My husband and I are super excited to find out the gender of our baby this coming Wednesday, but we plan on holding off with sharing the gender until Easter dinner with our families but I also wanted to share this fun way to share with family the sex of your baby!

I LOVE marshmallows so Peeps are my favorite Easter treat and we shared our "big news" with my side of the family last month with this Peep, Baby Makes a Dozen (grand-babies) reveal.

It was super important to do this before we find out the gender so family members don't have to second guess whether the post means we are having a particular sex. But when we do find out we will fill all the eggs with the same color Peep and let each person choose which they think it will be, most of my sisters believe it will be a girl, partly because I already have two boys, I can't wait to find out what this one will be!


You will need:
Pink and Blue Easter Eggs, if your eggs have holes be sure to cover them, I used a bit of tape.
Pink or Blue Peeps
A cute way to display them before your family and friends grab an egg to reveal boy or girl.


After you find out the gender go out and buy the properly colored Peeps, or buy both and 

Stuff the eggs with the right color Peep while eating the incorrect color (just to keep curious people in the dark, plus Peeps are delicious!)

Put all your eggs in a basket or carton to display until it's time to share the news!