Thursday, October 13, 2016

DIY Halloween Treat Bag from a Shirt

Halloween is right around the corner and my oldest still needed a bag for his treats. We made this easy DIY Halloween Treat Bag using a shirt we bought on clearance for .25 cents last year.

This craft is easy enough for a child to do if they can use scissors and tie knots they can make their own Halloween Bags!


1. Pick your shirt, measure and draw a line about 2 inches from the bottom of the shirt. We turned our shirt inside out so the line wouldn't be visible.

2. Take scissors and cut strips. Be careful not to cut off the strips as you cut.

3. With your shirt inside out tie knots using the strips of fabric you cut on the shirt.

4. Draw lines and cut around the neck line as well as both sleeves

5. Turn your shirt right side out and you've got a quick easy bag.




Sunday, October 2, 2016

5 Reasons to Brick Or Treat at Legoland

*Sponsored Post: Though I was not paid to write this post I was given free tickets to Legoland, CA. All thoughts, opinions, and love of all things Lego ;) are my own.*

Brick or Treat is trick or treating after hours at Legoland. It is so much fun, we've now gone twice (once in 2014 and again in 2016). My Oldest son was almost 2 the first time we went and this time we went with my oldest (3) my middle (2) and my youngest (1 month). We spend the whole day at Legoland and when it was time for the park to close to regular guests we changed our kids into their Halloween costumes - we had two Pikachus and a Pokeball. They went to all the different trick or treating stations and did some trivia to get pop badges. We didn't have time to see the Halloween Party in the Aquarium but the first time we went  in 2014 we did go to Aquarium and my son LOVED the dance party!

5 Reasons you should head to Legoland Brick or Treat

1. They have a variety of "treats" including Honest juice, healthy snack bars, Lego bricks, Shutterfly cards, and some candy. My boys LOVED the snack bars!

2. It's a safe area to Trick or Treat

3. You can enter the costume contest, or just watch and see some AMAZING costumes during the contest!

4. The trivia for special Halloween Pop Badges.

5. A lot of the rides are still open so you can hop on rides with little to no wait time!

Lego Safari Trek - Brick or Treat 2012

Have you ever been to Legoland for Brick or Treat? What was your favorite part?