Friday, May 26, 2017

Legoland with a 2 Year Old

*Sponsored Post: Though I was not paid to write this post I was given free tickets to Legoland, CA. All thoughts, opinions, and love of all things Lego ;) are my own.*

Legoland is SO much fun and we love that they have rides and activities perfect for our daring two year old! Oddly enough my younger boy is much more adventurous than my older son who is 4. These are my 2 year old's favorite rides!

1. Hideaways (Play Area)!

My two year old can spend his entire day in this play area, it's big and enclosed so kids can't escape the area if there is a parent at the entrance to the play area. My four year old is allowed to go up by himself as long as he comes down to check in, my two year old has to have mom or dad accompany him but he finds it hilarious when we slide down all the different slides. It wore me out before it wore him out!!

2. Cargo Ace!

There was a day we came to Legoland and it was a little drizzly and my 2 year old went on this at least 5 times! This ride has riders sit in little planes (my guy required an adult due to height restrictions) and it just goes around in exciting (to my two year old) circles. 

3. Beetle Bounce!

This is another ride my son wanted to go on over and over again and he did. My older ( 4 year old) does not like this ride and so his dad takes him over to Pharaoh's Revenge.

4. Skipper School!

This is probably the VERY best ride... I mean what kid doesn't want to steer his own boat through the water and that's exactly what you get the chance to do on this ride!

5. Fairytale Brook!

This is definitely one for the family! My two year old loves all the different fairy tale creatures and peoples plus its a good chance for everyone to get off their feet as the float past all the fun fairytale story book characters.

6. Lego 4D Movie

A chance to sit and relax in an air conditioned room matched with a cute short that both my boys love is a big win in my book! We take time to watch it every visit to Legoland!

If you're headed to Legoland California soon be sure to download their app, it has a handy map as well as wait times and height requirements (and more)!