Saturday, September 2, 2017

Intentional Birthday Gifts for a One Year Old Girl

Birthday season is upon my house (I have three kids whose birthdays are in September, October, and November) and we always have a couple people who ask "what should I get?" My answer used to be, "eh, whatever you think they'd want." I didn't want to be pushy about gifts but now when I get asked I have a small list of intentional toys, things that I'd like to have in my house and that will loved, cherished, and used for multiple years. Here is my list of intentional birthday gifts for a one year old girl:

Lego Duplo Blocks.

My boys love these but we don't have any pink in our current set which is not a big deal but I think some pink will be fun and the boys can build with pink blocks, too. Check out the current Lego Duplo sets here.

Name Puzzle.

These are SO neat and as she gets a little bit older it will help her to recognize her name as well as learn how to spell her name! I found these ones here.


I feel like every girl deserves a doll, I personally love the ones from the Disney Store.
The plush one is here and you can find the vinyl one here.


We are always looking to expand our library!

Are there any must have intentional toys for young girls that I missed? Let me know in the comments!


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