Friday, October 20, 2017

Must Haves at Legoland with Kids under 5

*Sponsored Post: Though I was not paid to write this post I was given free tickets to Legoland, CA. All thoughts, opinions, and love of all things Lego ;) are my own.*

Today is the day we are headed to Legoland, CA for some fun adventures and Brick or Treat, my kids are SO excited!!! This also means I spent much of yesterday thinking of everything that needed to come with us to Legoland so we could make it from park open to park close and through Brick or Treat. I have three kids; age 1, age, 3 and age 4 (5 next month) so these are my must haves when we got to Legoland with three kids under 5!

1. Stroller!
We rock the City Select by Baby Jogger bought 2nd hand it is my favorite baby purchase plus we have the kick-board attachment so you will often see use with the younger two in the two seats and our oldest taking a break from walking by standing on the glider (kick-board). Plus this thing has great under storage so you don't have to carry everything.

2. Spare clothes.
Accidents happen. But also there are a lot of different activities that can get you wet and my oldest (5) does not enjoy being wet when he's done playing.

3. Snacks!
Legoland has some DELICIOUS food but it's also nice to have some quick snacks for when your twenty minutes into a line and your child suddenly realizes they are STAAARRVING!

4. Small waiting games.
We bring a small bag (gallon size) of little toys and activities to keep the kiddos occupied when we are in a line without a fun play area. We've brought small Lego, slime, dice (my 5 year old thinks it's fun to count the numbers- but you could also use it to have them do something as many times as what is on the die), finger puppets were also a big hit on our last trip and we were able to pick them up at party city for less than .50 cents a puppet.

5. A game plan that's easy to complete.
Most people who plan to go to Legoland want to check out the rides and attractions they want to do. I recommend making a game plan that's easy to complete (and add to). We start our day by having our kids pick one thing they really want to do whether it's a ride, a show, or building in the build and test room. It gives you a goal that's achievable, it lets your kids do their favorite thing, and hopefully you'll not only complete it but be able to add even more fun activities to your trip!