Friday, April 5, 2019

10 Fun Easter Projects for Teens

I feel like we see so many cute and fun arts and crafts projects for the small children in our lives, but what are your big kids working on?

Get them involved in the crafting fun with these awesome projects that are perfect to display!

This is so cute and would be perfect to display a sweet Easter message, verse, or even an Easter menu!

These are such a fun and different door hang instead of the traditional wreath!

If you can trust your teen to only eat half the candy you buy this one could be fun!

Aw! These are adorable!!

Perfect for a coffee table or table centerpiece!

Excuse me while I go make these in every pastel color. LOVE THEM

I love this project!

This one is fun ad would be a great gift!

I remember doing this as a teen!

I feel like I have seen these in stores but I personally would prefer to DIY mines and add personal touches like Christine has done!

Ahh! Now I am so excited for Spring and Easter and I also feel I may need to do all of the projects above! So much cuteness!!!